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HANGER-ROO.COM : Store located in Atlanta selling FRENCH MUSIC as well as EUROPEAN CLOTHING (Kids & Maternity) and INTERNATIONAL EXCLUSIVE TOYS & GIFTS

PASTRIES A GOGO.COM: Excellent French & European style pastries in Atlanta. The only place in Georgia where you could find Croissant, Marjolaine, Frangipane...etc as good as in your homeland.


About China:   information about China and Chinese culture

Need2Learn Chinese - Your best online resources for chinese learning books and materials, make your learning process as simple as possible


HANGER-ROO.COM : Store located in Atlanta selling LATIN AMERICAN MUSIC : Called "World Pilgrims" (Peregrinos del Mundo), ordinary people of differing faiths in Atlanta travel together to build relationships and learn about each other's traditions. Past pilgrimages included Turkey (2002) and Morocco and Spain (2004). Possible future destinations include India, Brazil and other countries as well as Spain, Morocco and Turkey. Mr. Friend-Jones, talented student of the Language Institute of Atlanta's Spanish classes, is the leader of the group.

TEFL jobs - Teaching English Abroad
TEFL jobs - Teach English abroad. TEFL job placement in Mexico, Latin America
and worldwide.


 Spanish courses in Spain



SONIA-PORTUGUESE.COM : Interesting site about Brazil and Portuguese language tools

HANGER-ROO.COM : Store located in Atlanta selling BRAZILIAN MUSIC



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International College Oceania

Spanish language courses in Mexico at IMAC

Spanish in Mexico ! You will find a description of daily
activities we offer to make learning Spanish a unique experience. Also
find our pricing list and Spanish for specific skills program. You may
start learning Spanish next Monday!

Learn Spanish in Spain

FirstStep offers certified language immersion programs around the world. Language schools where you can Learn Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese or Greek in more than 65 travel destinations worldwide.

Spirit Italiano

Spirito Italiano is a small Italian language school in Florence. Lot of attention is paid over the special need of each student; in a friendly atmosphere, communicative methods are adapted to student wishes and capacities, making the studying in Florence as pleasant as possible.

German Language Courses Liverpool

Cactus language training provides tailor-made language

training to a whole host of clients including individuals, large

corporates, public sector and and public sector with an online

reporting system.



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Teen Boots Camp
Boot Camping services for troubled teens. Provide information and services to parents who want to place their child in boot camp or boarding school.