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Watch the French TV or listen to the French Radio from the Internet.

Try one of the best way to improve your French


France Culture: The best French Radio ! Government owned network providing cultural broadcasting about a wide variety of subjects: Philosophy, Arts, Science, Politics, Religion, International relation, Travel, Music, Theater, Movies...etc. For the ones who are not scared by intelligence and enjoy listening to the proper French language, not the slang!


RFI: 24/24 Government owned network. News every 30 minutes and creative reports and show about the French speaking world. The best choice for student who wants to listen to the news in French at any time of the day or is interested in what happen in French speaking countries (Europe, Africa, Oceania & Asia)



TF1 : News from a mainstream French private Network. Simple and easy to understand French is spoken by the Anchor Man. This Network does not provide in depth analysis.