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The Language Institute of Atlanta  is one of the oldest and  most diverse language schools of the Atlanta Area. We offer more than 50 languages. From the very popular Spanish, French, or Italian to the rare languages like Farsi, Urdu or Mongolian.


Whatever is your foreign language requirements, the Language Institute of Atlanta will have a quality and structured program to meet them. Since 1995, we have helped individuals as well as fortune 500 corporations (Delta Airlines, Bellsouth...etc)  or government  agencies (State Department, US Air-Force...etc) mastering foreign languages.


Learning a foreign is first a great pleasure and a spiritual enrichment. It is also a way to stand out from the competition in a more and more discriminating and global market. From traveling and meeting new friends to business growth and career improvement, the benefits of learning a foreign language at the Language Institute of Atlanta will be priceless.


Our instructors share with us the passion for foreign languages and cultures. They are native speakers who hold advanced degrees and have several years of international teaching experience. Their common points are and thorough mastery of their native language structure and culture as well as the magical gift of classroom charisma and personal dedication to each of their students.


We offer  Group Classes and Private lessons either at your location or in our premises.


Our GROUP CLASSES accept a maximum of 8 to 10 students for quality purposes. We want our teachers to have a personal approach for  each students of his group in order to adapt to their own learning style. We also think that a class must put the stress on the conversational skills. A small group will allow the student to have more time to express himself in a foreign language. Therefore our students are learning faster.


We divide our language classes in different levels. Each level has three sections of 20 hours each. These information are only general explanation of the levels. Some languages require more time than others. (Easiest: Indonesian - Hardest: Arabic).


Our goal is to develop your conversational skills as soon as possible. Nevertheless, we think that a durable ability to speak well a language is based on a good knowledge of its fundamental structures. We believe more in intelligent learning than in passive memorization. Our classes are very active, well structured as well as fun. A lot of entertaining role-plays will help you to assimilate fast and well any languages.


Beginner: 101-102-103 (60 hours) We teach you the basic structures necessary to handle basic conversations. After 60 hours you will be able to converse about everyday life subjects in a foreign languages. The first section (101) will give you the basic tools to build simple sentence that will allow to "survive" while traveling in a foreign country as well as mastering the essential structures of the language.

If you learn languages using characters or a different alphabet the beginner level will help to master them.


Intermediate: 201-202-203 (120 hours) Now you know how to handle basic conversations. We will help to develop your vocabulary and build your grammatical skills as well as improving your conversational skills. Your understanding of the language will  become more subtle, you will be able to  start  reading  newspapers or watch the news in the target language. 


Advanced: 301 - 302 - 303 (180 hours) You speak easily your foreign language, you can understand its written, or spoken aspect Nevertheless, you would like to refine your mastery of the target language. You are interested in improving your knowledge of the idioms as well as the culture. Maybe you need to study in a foreign country and want to be academically perfect or you need to conduct business only in a foreign language. This level is for you!. We will practice high level conversation about subject related to arts, business, government, history, social life, news while polishing your already good knowledge of the language.